Before you begin plugging in numbers, please consider the following to receive the most accurate cost of downtime.

What does RTO mean? What is a good RTO to have?

  • RTO stands for Recovery Time Objective. The Recovery Time is how quickly your systems and data must be recovered.
  • Ex: If your company depends on a centralized server or a particular program to operate, every minute of downtime means you are losing money. The lower the RTO, the better.
  • A good RTO is 1 hour. Exceptional Business Continuity plans offer instant virtualization with Recovery Times as little as 6 seconds!

What does RPO mean? What is a good RPO?

  • RPO stands for Recovery Point Objective. The Recovery Point is how recent the recovered data was backed up.
  • Ex: If backups are run every 12 hours, your recovery point is 12 hours. For businesses with time sensitive databases such as Salon and Spas, yesterday's appointment calendar won't do.
  • A good RPO is 1 hour. Exceptional Business Continuity plans provide backup frequencies of every 30, 15, or 5 minutes.
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