One of the more challenging aspects of establishing an intelligent Business Continuity plan is finding the right solutions that meet your needs (and budget). Sifting through the data is time-consuming (we all know this) so i'll try to save time by getting down to discussing the key differentiators as simply as I can.

We chose Carbonite for this exercise because it is a well known, broadly used solution that holds the top 4 organic search results on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for the keywords “hybrid backup for business” and 1 Advertisement.

Out-of-the-Box Pricing Comparison


3 Key Differentiators:

  1. Storage-Based Pricing vs. Time-Based Cloud Retention Pricing
  2. Instant Virtualization means fast Recovery Time Objective
  3. Management Platform and Technical Support

Storage-Based Pricing vs. Time-Based Cloud Retention Pricing

“When customers are running their businesses day-to-day, they don’t think about how much data they’re generating. So they’re understandably shocked when they suddenly get a bill for backup that’s substantially higher than what they were paying before.”

Datto, Executive Brief: Time-Based Cloud Retention


Datto's Time-Based Cloud Retention means you only pay per agent (computer or server protected) and allows businesses to focus on growing their digital assets.

Carbonite and many other cloud backup and storage providers use Storage-Based Pricing. This results in variable monthly prices and requires man-time (to monitor, archive), and presents scenarios for human error to occur. Manual interaction defeats the goal of an automated, worry-free Business Continuity solution.

From a Software-as-a-Service provider's perspective Time-Based Cloud Retention instead of variable, Storage-Based Pricing has the potential to (may) lower churn rates and increase a customer's lifetime value (LTV). If you are unfamiliar with the term "churn rate" or how to calculate the "lifetime value" of a customer the Kissmetrics links provided contain helpful information on these topics.

Winner: Datto Alto 2

The fixed-price of Time-Based Cloud Retention means no variable costs and no manual intervention. Bonus: it integrates compliance directly into the service by offering 1-, 3-, and 7-year cloud retention agreements.

Instant Virtualization meets Recovery Time Objective

Successfully backing up a system and verifying that it works is the first step. Being able to recover a compromised system is the next. What good is a backup if it is unreliable or difficult to use? (not good).

From the limited amount of information recorded on Carbonite’s website and available documentation, we find no mention of a documented Recovery Time or mention of instant virtualization. When reading the product description for their on-site appliance, they mention Bare Metal Restores.

Recovery using this method depends on having a physical device ready or spare parts available. Without access to a new physical device or virtualization technology, recovery extends into hours and days. which does little for minimizing downtime recovery costs.

Datto’s private cloud and innovative technology leverages the power of virtualization to drastically reduce the downtime between replacing a failed physical machine (computer, server) with an identical virtual machine (VM). All backups are stored as bootable (fully intact) virtual machines, and are tested, verified, and emailed to administrators as scheduled. A secure VPN connection to the cloud means all users need to do to resume their projects is an internet connection and a browser.

Winner: Datto Alto 2

Downtime is the primary cost when dealing with business interruptions. Being able to avoid periods of downtime lasting hours or days means instant virtualization saves businesses time (and money).

Technical Support and Management Platform

Behind every great product or service is a great technical support team and a platform from which administrators can administrate. This seems like an elementary idea, but it plays a major role for Managed Service Providers and the quality of service they are able to provide their clients.

Carbonite sells their backup appliance through a partner program that pairs business owners with verified resellers who help assist with the initial setup, configuration, and recoveries. In the event your company needs to perform a recovery your Carbonite Partner will help restore your data to an existing, new, or dissimilar device using the Bare Metal Restore. In the event the appliance is damaged, the Carbonite partner will be able to restore from the cloud.

Datto focuses on providing superior customer service, and when you work with them you receive their cutting edge solutions, reliable cloud infrastructure, and the support of your preferred MSP and Datto’s 24/7/365 technical support team.

Device monitoring, support tickets, responsive and knowledgable technicians, and one of our favorite benefits - the ability to perform disaster recovery fire drills.

The depth and breadth of Datto's customer service, partner program, and all-inclusive management platform is a testament to their customer-centric business model.

“As the leading channel-only source of performance-engineered Business Continuity solutions, Datto uniquely provides MSPs with both quality of technology and quality of partnership that no other vendor can match.”

– Datto, Executive Brief: Time-Based Cloud Retention

Winner: Datto Alto 2

Your company deserves the best. It is that simple. When deciding on the right Business Continuity solution for your business it is critical to evaluate the technical support team managing your solution. In the event of an emergency, you want the best engineers, management platform, and recovery processes the industry has to offer.


If you are looking for a completely managed Business Continuity solution that prioritizes minimizing downtime, excellent customer support, and innovative technology; Datto is the clear choice.

Still not convinced? Use our Downtime Cost Calculator to see how much money, time (and stress) the right Business Continuity solution can save your company.

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